Things to Consider In Making Custom Challenge Coins


Have you decided to make your own challenge coin? If you do not know how to make your own design, you may want to read the following things that you must consider in making custom challenge coins.


Custom challenge coins are usually used as tokens of appreciation during a certain event. Such coins are commonly distributed at special events such as retirement parties, birthday parties, events showcasing a person’s bravery, fantasy football drafts, bachelor events, memorial ceremonies, poker tournaments, and business conferences. Many people utilize challenge coins in different ways which can bring fun and excitement to everyone.


Before calling a certain company that offers custom challenge coins, you should decide what the design of the coin will be. Bear in mind that the design should be unique to the extent that people can easily recognize that it is yours. The image or insignia that is placed on the coin should be a good representation of what the event is all about. In case, you are giving it to someone special to you, the design must be related to him or something that can make him smile. You may include images like cultural symbols, monuments, sports teams, flags, and dates.

3.Hard or Soft Enamel

custom challenge coinsSoft and hard enamels are not related to the hardness and softness of the output. These enamels pertain to the finishing process utilized to finish the coin. Hard enamel offers a smoother texture because an ample amount of pain is flushed along the coin’s edges. In contrast, soft enamel offers a coin with raised metal edges which make the coin rough and dimensional. Hard enamel is more expensive than soft enamel.


You need to know how many coins you need. If your purpose is to give it to your family members, then you may just order a small amount of coins. If the custom challenge coins are to be distributed at a special event, you may need to order coins in bulk. In this case, you don’t know what the exact number of attendees is, but you can estimate the number of coins you need. If you think that there will be 100 participants, order 125 coins or more. It is best to order coins more than what you expect to play safe.


Plating is the term referring to the exterior covering of a custom challenge coin. The different types of plating include black nickel, black metal, high-polished silver, gold or bronze, and antiqued silver, bronze or gold.


The size of a coin is in terms of diameter. Usually, custom challenge coin companies use U.S measurement system. The usual size of a challenge coin is bigger than a U.S. dollar coin. Coin diameters are ranging from 1.5 inches up to 3 inches.


There are different types of edges that may be done to challenge coins. You can choose from flat edge, spur edge, flat weave edge, rope cut edge, oblique line edge, and diamond cross cut edge.

Any company manufacturing challenge coins would ask you what design specifications you want for your coin. If you are not ready or not aware of the possible design specifications, you may end up having a coin you don’t like at all. Be sure to study the above-mentioned things first before calling a challenge coin maker. Do not just agree with the company if they offer a design to you. You must examine it first if it satisfies your personal preference. If not, then you can contact another custom challenge coin company. Once you know what design you want for your coin, feel free to propose it to the coin maker and know if he can make it.

What Exactly is E juice?


Not everybody knows what vaping is. Many equate it with smoking. Vaping is not smoking. It is inhaling vapor from a vaporizer. The personal vaporizer or PV is more commonly known as electronic cigarette or e-cig. It only produces vapor, which means that it is not “smoking” because there is no smoke produced.

An e-cigarette has a battery attached to a heating component called the atomizer. The atomizer is that part that boils a minuscule amount of e juice. What happens when you vape? An e-cig is either triggered by inhaling or by pressing a button. When there is a trigger, tiny quantity of liquid becomes heated and boils. The vapor produced is then inhaled by the user. There is no burning and there is no smoke.

What is e juice? It’s also called e-liquid or just plain liquid. As mentioned earlier, that’s the liquid that will boil in order to produce the all-important vapor. The common global concern is that the ingredients in the e-liquid might be harmful. Some reports say that the liquid, when turned into vapor, can cause harm to the environment and to the user. The FDA reported that it found 9 contaminates from the device. But come to think of it, there are 11,000 contaminates found in tobacco.

e juiceThe latest survey result on vaping was quite surprising. Given the many negative reports about vaping, the survey was actually a relief for vipers. The survey (of 6,000 respondents) found out that those who are trying to quit tobacco smoking will most likely become successful if they turn to vaping. The results indicated that vaping is more effective instead of quitting by using over-the-counter quitting aids or by seeking no help at all.

E juice usually contains 2 to 5 ingredients, tops. No other additional contents. First thing of interest, of course, is the nicotine content. Nicotine will be from 0% – 2.4%, depending on the strength that the user prefers. Credible manufacturers use pure nicotine that’s pharmaceutical grade. The base makes up 80% – 90% of the liquid which is composed of vegetable glycerin (VG).

Third ingredient may be propylene glycol (PG). PG and VG can be combined. Thicker vapor means higher PG. Sometimes, propylene glycol can dry out the throat or even cause allergies. So if propylene glycol is not your thing, choose 100% VG. What makes the juice more pleasant for the viper is the wide range of flavor choices. Flavor can be 10% – 20%, according to your preference. Trustworthy manufacturers use food grade flavorings meant for baking or making candies.

Sometimes, distilled water is used to dilute the e-liquid. And that is it. The e juice can contain just 2 ingredients: flavor and vegetable glycerin. Other ingredients can also be added; it could even reach up to 5 ingredients. What’s good about this is that all the 5 mentioned ingredients are used in food products.

Not all e-cigarettes are created equal. One good e-cig maker gives you the option of getting the disposable or the rechargeable version. Disposables are those one-piece varieties while the rechargeable e-cig has a rechargeable battery that lasts up to a year. Regarding the e-liquid, there is a whole range of flavors to choose from. The flavors they offer are the fruity ones like strawberry, watermelon, fruit, blueberry and grape. There are other flavors like tobacco, menthol, cinnamon and vanilla. There are thousands of other flavors in the market. Just be sure to buy your liquid from reputable makers. E-liquids can give 250 – 450 delicious puffs per refill.

Final word about e-cigarettes: the user saves 50% cost as compared to tobacco smoking. Tempting, right? Nobody’s stopping you if you decide to continue your relationship with tobacco. On the other hand, it would also be good to try another option, the e juice.

Safes Beyond Safety: Why You Might Need Depository Safes


Everyone has something to protect—whether it is in the context of personal life at home or of professional life in the workplace. Whether it is cash, jewelry, family heirlooms, photos and home videos of priceless memories, or important documents like contracts, deeds, or certificates, these items may be very precious, but they could also be very difficult to keep safe from a whole host of things from theft to fire or flood—and even more difficult to replace when lost.

While it might be relatively easy to hide valuables from thieves, there is a huge difference between burglary and devastating disasters like fires and floods, especially as the latter do not discriminate; hiding places may stand a chance against thieves, but the case may not always be so for these disasters. It may be only a matter of seconds until these precious things are lost; because of this, it is not only a smart but also an almost imperative move to keep a safe in the home or in the office. It reflects the capacity to think ahead and the ability to plan for any eventuality; whether for personal or commercial use, safes have always proven to be good investments.

Furthermore, the extensive variety of safes that are now available in the market simply proves that the vaults and safes industry continues to cater to a wide and diverse range of customer needs and preferences, from the home to the workplace. The security and peace of mind that it can provide is nothing short of invaluable.

In particular, depository safes are important especially for businesses that require employees to handle high volumes of cash during the course of their day-to-day operations—for instance, restaurants or retail offices. Even a smaller business, as long as it has to handle cash during its operations, should procure at least a drop safe, a smaller model akin to depository safes.

depository safesConsider an example of using a depository safe: employees can deposit the cash quickly and easily at any time during the day, even without additional security or supervision; at the end of shifts, the manager simply has to open the safe, account for the cash deposited, and forward the money to a bank for more secure depositing.

Drop safes or smaller depository safes may be simply placed under the cash register, providing quick and easy access for storing bills over $20; larger models maybe mounted on walls or fixed on the floor, depending on the preferences of business owners and the space available inside the office. The cash is secure throughout the duration of the shift; the misplacement of cash is prevented; even the risk of losing money to unscrupulous employees may also lessen considerably, if not eradicated completely. This allows the businesses to keep more cash within the premises within the day for a relatively longer period of time, effectively cutting the costs and time spent for more trips to the bank.

Note, however, that it is not advisable to keep cash in drop safes overnight; and even while it might be comparatively more secure to store cash in a depository safe for keeping overnight, it is still recommended to move the cash to a safer storage such as a bank after business hours—especially because even as they may be highly resistant to theft, these models are not built to be fireproof.

Even with such a drawback in its mailbox-type design, depository safes help streamline business processes in these enterprises, saving time and effort for more productive endeavors. In this example, the use of depository safes not only helps secure cash within the premises of the enterprise; beyond safety, it also helps improve business practices and could even increase productivity.

Where to Look for Cheap Golf Clubs?


They say golf is a rich man’s game. The cost of club membership for players, the starter set and even the get-up or attire when playing cost a lot of money. Well that used to be the case several years ago. Nowadays, playing golf is not limited to the wealthy only. One of average income can enjoy a round of play for as low as $30-40, all inclusive of golf needs.

Playing golf need not be expensive. One can opt for the public courses, which offer as low as $20 to play 18 holes. Public courses are as good as fancy country clubs, without the hundreds of dollars attached to them. As for the golf clubs, you can borrow from friends (if they will let you), rent or buy cheap golf clubs.

The question you want to be answered right now is this: where to buy high quality cheap golf clubs? You actually have many options. Here are some of them.

  1. Online. There are literally hundreds of websites that offer used or cheap golf clubs today. As they say though, not everything in the net is true so be diligent in your research and take time to browse through the different sites. Compare and contrast the promos and packages being offered by these companies. Determine also the credibility of the companies. Read the comments in the forums and be open for all positive and negative feed backs. It is recommended that you stick with reputable sites selling these golf clubs only when you truly want to avail of high quality golf clubs at a price you can afford.
  1. Sports shops. Discounted or cheap golf clubs can be availed at sports retails stores or shops too. The advantage here is you can scrutinize the clubs very well unlike if you are just purchasing online. Carefully examine the club head and shaft for any nicks, dents or damages. You could also determine the weight and the feel of the golf clubs right there and then. If you are buying from professional sports shops, the probability that the salesclerks are very knowledgeable on golf is high. They are the right persons to ask for advice about which golf club is perfect for you.
  1. cheap golf clubsFrom professional players. Sometimes, these professional players sell their prized golf clubs at a discount to buy new ones or for whatever reasons they may have. The peak months are from January to March. This is also a good option especially if the player is a friend of yours. You can haggle and even borrow the golf clubs for a round of game just to check it out. You could also ask for a payment scheme not usually allowed online or through shops.
  1. From garage sales. Yes, sometimes you can find treasures in these garage sales. Be alert on announcements regarding sales on the newspapers, community bulletin boards, flyers or posts. You can usually find good prices of golf clubs during garage sales.
  1. From refutable pawnshops. Golf clubs are sometimes used as collateral in some pawnshops to get loans. Some pawnshops sell unredeemed items when the grace period for redemption has expired. The pawnshops usually sell these items for half or one third of its original price. You could find the announcements on newspapers for the schedule of the sale. This is also one good option to buy your golf clubs.

The only person you should not buy your golf clubs is from a stranger. This is self explanatory enough.

Playing golf has been made affordable to the rest of the population indeed. Availing of cheap golf clubs is now made easy with so many options as to where to buy them. Start your search now!

GW1516: Pros and Cons


GW1516 – even the name is mysterious. And sure enough, if you consult online discussion boards, you will notice an element of mystery surrounding the drug. No one seems to be certain as to just how much the average dosage should be; there is still debate even over the merits of the drug. There are those praising the benefits of the drug; on the other hand, there are those who either claim it makes no difference at all or it actually is more damaging than it is helpful. It seems to be a particularly popular subject among athletes and bodybuilders, alongside those scientists trying to modify the compound. To help shed some light on the matter, here is a brief pros-and-cons list regarding the GW1516:

chemicalsAs for the pros, it has been shown that the protein the drug affects is the peroxisome proliferator-activated receptor delta (or the PPAR delta). This protein is involved in many biological processes, and seems to have a hand in the development of diseases like cancer, diabetes, obesity, and atherosclerosis, among others. The use of the drug, as originally intended, would be to serve as treatment for these diseases.

In animal testing, it has also been shown to increase endurance in mice. In rats, the up regulation of the expression of proteins—this is directly involved in energy use—was noted. Increased metabolism of fatty acid in skeletal muscle was likewise observed. In obese rhesus monkeys, increased levels of high-density lipoprotein with corresponding decreases in very low density lipoprotein were noted. The drug has also been shown to protect against diet-induced obesity and Type II diabetes. Furthermore, it was observed that GW1516 allows the metabolism to burn fat for energy instead of using carbohydrates and muscle protein. Aside from this, it was shown that the drug is responsible for increasing muscle mass while at the same time decreasing fat mass. Because of these factors, the compound is highly popular with athletes and bodybuilders.

As for the cons, note that the World Anti-Doping Agency has classified the drug as a hormone and metabolic modulator, landing on its list of prohibited substances in 2009. A number of professional athletes have already been sacked because of the illegal use of the drug. It is not only the World Anti-Doping Agency that is against the use of the drug; even governments have joined in the fray, prohibiting it in athletic events. The World Anti-Doping Agency said in a statement in 2013 that potential users should steer clear of the drug, especially as it was never approved—and never will, as the Agency claimed.

Furthermore, note that the original developer, GSK, was the one who shelved its own GW1516 project. By the end of almost two decades of research and testing, it was apparent that the compound caused cancers in rats—in the brain, liver, intestines, tongue, skin, testes, ovaries, and even in the womb. Earlier studies at around 2003 also pointed to increased polyps in genetically-engineered mice used as test subjects, but these claims were rebuffed by GSK, asserting that no adverse effects have been noted by then. By 2013, however, the cancer-causing properties of the compound were already well publicized.

These are just some of the pros and cons of using the GW1516. Since GSK shelved its own project—perhaps a sign of frustration or recognition of futility—many believe that the compound can still be modified and perhaps perfected, and this attracts scientists. The near-obscurity of this drug also contributes to the fascination many still seem to have—many buy the drug, preferring to see by themselves the benefits that it brings.

Buy Twitter Followers Services: A Great Kick-Start to Your Twitter Campaign


The world has seen how social media greatly influenced the effectiveness of online marketing. While Facebook remains the top social networking website to contribute in a business’ lead generation, Twitter is never far behind.

Twitter, since it got involved in marketing, has been developing new means to increase a business’ market reach. While they have included additional features, certain marketing groups are offering additional Twitter services: increasing an account’s followers.

Buy Twitter Followers services are popping up in the internet recently. These are being offered to companies and individuals who want instant increase in their Twitter followers.

Why would they want to have more followers?

In Twitter, the more followers you have, the more your credibility stands out. This will attract more people to follow you including entities related to your niche.

With the rise of companies that offer services to increase your Twitter followers, people have started asking whether it is best try it out or not.

Finding a service that offers to increase your Twitter followers is easy. There are certain websites, like Fiverr, where you can find people who can help you out. They usually offer these services at an affordable cost. There are also marketing groups specializing in this service. You can easily find them by searching them via Google.

If you are going to select which services can help you most, remember to check their customer service, their features and guarantees, and what their previous clients say about them. Review these areas before you buy Twitter followers.

Is it smart to buy Twitter followers?

A lot of people are asking whether it is a smart move to buy Twitter followers or not. In the world of internet marketing, this is an advantage if you are starting to promote your online presence.

twitterTwitter follower buying is considered a shortcut. If you are starting with your Twitter account, this can be very helpful in establishing your credibility. It provides you a kick-start to your Twitter marketing and even boosts your ego. With a lot of followers, this shows you as someone popular. It even helps you increase your conversion rates as people get attracted to your Twitter account. Once people saw the number of followers you have, they become curious and follow you too. At the same time, Twitter suggests you as someone to follow to those who are in the same niche as you are.

While some believes this is socially unacceptable, it has brought people together and even boosted one’s social presence. However, we can’t deny that just like other marketing strategy, it also presents some disadvantage. One down side to this is you don’t get to interact with some of your followers.

When you buy twitter followers, there is no guarantee that all of them are interested in your niche. This means some of them can’t relate or won’t be interested at all to your posts. They won’t retweet or send you a message regarding it. Lack of interaction and interest may lead them to unfollow. You may experience a sudden drop in the number of followers which may say something negative about your credibility.

How do you keep your follower number up?

Buying Twitter followers may provide you with an advantage during the start of your Twitter campaign. However, this doesn’t mean you have to always include it in your marketing strategy. Once your number of followers is up, you need to work in gaining real, targeted, and loyal followers. The Buy Twitter Follower service is just a kick-start after all.

There are many ways to gain followers naturally. It may take some time but you can be sure they won’t unfollow you easily. The best way is to make sure what you share is related to your niche and provides valuable information. Share insights to your followers. While there may be some who aren’t really interested in your niche, some are and some can be swayed to liking it. This can attract more followers especially as they see the value you provide in your posts.

An Auramist Misting Fan for Every Need


Located in Nashville, TN, Auramist has been producing quality misting fans to suit the customers’ cooling needs. The company is committed to providing cooling solutions that are not only innovative but also environment friendly. Quality and efficiency are also top features of their products.

All Auramist misting fans employ a patented and proprietary nozzle technology. The nozzle has been designed to ‘atomize’ water droplets by breaking them down to microscopic size. The mist produced in the process is so fine that it is dry to the touch.

misting fansMost misting fans use up at least one gallon of water for every hour of operation. Because of the patented nozzle, Auramist misting fans use only a pint, saving around 80 percent of water. The ‘atomizing’ process also uses only 20 PSI of pressure, making these evaporative coolers more energy efficient. Combined, it translates to reduced energy and water usage with quality and performance intact.

Through continuous research and development, Auramist has come up and continues to come up with innovative, durable, and high quality products. Using only the best materials available, all their products are covered with a limited one year warranty to cover for parts and services costs.

The 16 inch Velos

This misting fan became the company’s bestseller for 2012 and 2013. Equipped with a 16 inch blade and patented non-clogging nozzles, it’s the perfect cooling companion both inside and outside the house and can be used in any climate.

The fan head oscillates to up to 90 degrees providing wide coverage. And with three fan speeds and mist level controls, the Velos can be adjusted according to your cooling needs. It’s also certified for outdoor use because of the rust and UV resistant materials used. Just connect to a standard garden hose and a power outlet and it’s good to go.

The 16 inch Velos is a portable, easy to use, and versatile misting fan.

The 18 inch Milo

Receiving a lot of good reviews in 2013, the 18 inch Milo is the Velos’ bigger brother with a fan that is two inches wider and a built in water reservoir. This misting fan also uses the same dependable and unique proprietary misting nozzles.

The water reservoir can hold up to 2.7 gallons of water and takes 5 hours before it needs a refill. Almost maintenance free with rust and UV resistant materials plus the clog-free nozzles, the Milo is designed to run and provide you with cooler air for years.

Environmental conscious customers will be glad to know that Milo requires 80 percent less water and only uses up electricity compared to a couple of light bulbs.

Industrial Strength Cooling

Coming in the second quarter of 2014, the Industrial Strength Cooling is Auramist’s answer to the industrial cooling needs of customers who require a much larger cooling coverage.

This misting fan was designed for large open or enclosed areas that need cooling when air conditioning is not available. Examples are loading docks, warehouses, garages, restaurants, and sporting events.

More information will be available soon before the release to market of this cooling monster.

Golf Car Cooling

For those who enjoy playing golf but hate the heat of the sun and the playing field, the Golf Car Cooling is a heaven sent. It can reduce temperatures by up to 30 degrees so playing even the hottest days of summer become more bearable and enjoyable.

The Golf Car Cooling uses the same nozzle technology which resists rust and never clogs and takes 5 hours before refilling the reservoir. Enough time to enjoy a full 18-hole course. The level of the mist release can also be adjusted according to cooling needs.

The best part about our misting fans is that you stay dry, and you will not get wet!

Advantages of Having Live Chat Support on Your Website


Live chat support is a great way of providing customer service through chat boxes on your website. Most websites nowadays have live chat support and there are several reasons why. If you are planning on putting up a website or trying to set up a way to provide customer service to your visitors, here are some of the benefits of using live chat service.

With live chat support, customers do not have to call a customer service representative. This is great if a customer is navigating a website because all the visitor needs to do is type. They do not have to hold a phone while navigating the website or typing on the keyboard.

live chat serviceSome live chat systems though, have optional voice live chat service, if your customers happen to prefer voice support. This can either be done through Voice over Internet Protocol or VOIP networks so they would need to use their headsets, stand-alone microphones or the built-in microphones on their laptops. Most of these are hands-free so the customers can still navigate the website. Furthermore, live chat systems are cheaper to set up and the chat agents are easier to train.

Most chat boxes were made using Java, JavaScript or Flash. Most web browsers support these computer languages so the customers would not have to install a program for the chat boxes to work.
Compared to forum- or email-based support, live chat service offers real-time customer support so your visitors would not have to wait for minutes, hours, days, or sometimes, weeks for their queries to be answered. Live chat systems can be integrated into your business’s Customer Relationship Management or CRM system. This enables live chat agents to provide customer service in real-time.

For most chat boxes, web site designers can configure them to suit the design and feel of the website. They can be designed to launch at the exact instance a visitor comes into the sight or more commonly, launched through clicking a button or link. Most of them launch in a new window so the chat box would not be an obstruction when navigating through the website.

And of course, support services will provide great customer experience to your visitors, creating traffic for your website. You would want to have as many hits as possible if your website relies on sales or number of subscriptions. Not to mention, chat services can be used to influence your visitors to buy a certain product or subscribe to a certain service. This can really help you with boosting the revenue of your website.

Some live chat service can be set up as easily as pasting an HTML code on to your website. Third-party services like ApexChat offer setting up support services for your website so you do not have to do it. They have their own live chat agents to handle customer service for your website. All you have to do is to tell them about your business and your website, your business’s goal and how you would like your chat box to look like and they will offer plans for the service. After that, all you, or your web master, have to do is to paste an HTML or JavaScript code on to your website and you are ready to go. If you do not have a web master or are having problem with configuring your chat box, the third-party chat service will gladly help you in doing so.

So there are the benefits of having a live chat support on your website. If you do not have one yet, it is suggested that you install one.

Author Bio:

ApexChat provides live chat service and support that helps online businesses turn valuable advertising clicks into customers.

3 Common Professional SEO Services You Should Stay Away From


Everyone that has a web presence today will eventually hire professional SEO services. It’s inevitable, because only when you end up hiring high level professional SEO services will you be able to get the most out of internet traffic. Sure, you could always chase different forms of generating interest from the general public, but that could end up having negative effects. Not only that, you may not always have the budget to spend thousands of dollars in pay per click advertising or anything along those lines.

When searching online for theSEO - Search Engine symbol with gears best services that you can use, you’ll find that there are many different types of services that you can subscribe to. They are usually run by several personalities, some of which will make or break your future within SEO. The providers of optimization strategies today are plentiful and you will find that they can cause serious problems for you in regards to your website’s present, but more importantly, the future.

To narrow down your search, consider the following 3 common professional SEO services, specifically the providers behind them, so that you can run far away from them. You are going to save yourself a lot of pain and suffering if you just don’t hire them to do anything for you.

The Strong Salesman of SEO:

When you go online and start to research companies to help you with your internet presence, you are going to run into resellers of all types. They are easy to pick out because they rely heavily on sales. They’ll have someone on the phone or even through chat and they will try to persuade you with all sorts of sales tactics. You can try to duck, dodge, and run from them, but if you gave them your phone number or email address, you’re going to get hit with a lot of communication. This will turn into a borderline spam type of situation, and most often it’s because they make their living on commission. They take your information, sell you on a plan, and then outsource or resell it to someone.

Long Time Purveyors of SEO:

There are some companies that have been doing search engine optimization for a long time. They’ll have a huge client list and they’ll even say something like “former” clients. You will see that they have worked for large companies, and they no longer do so. This is a dangerous area because you will find that their techniques aren’t up to date at all. However, they will have a lot of great components to their pitch. From the graphic design, to the websites that they utilize, and even the laid back sales approach. You’ll hire them and then see no results, because their methods aren’t up to date. They will rest on their laurels like many have in technology companies for years.

The Black Hat Crews:

If you’re going to seriously hire professional SEO services, you need to be careful with the black hat types. These are people, companies, and larger firms that specialize in “gaming” the system. They will utilize any method to get buzz, media attention, press releases, and more. They will even do things that are blatantly illegal within the world of optimization and advertising. The end result is guaranteed placement in search engines, but at the cost of long term success. As stated by many professionals, you could be king for a day, but that’s it. If you want to be #1 for a few hours, they can do it, but if you want to have sustained marketing prowess, you’re going to need more help.

The above 3 common professional SEO services are just a few of the many profiles that you need to be wary of online. They are rampant and they will take your money fast, only to deliver lackluster results.

3 Major Ways To Ensure Your SEO Is Done Right


Whenever you’re working with web design, even if you’ve hired someone to work on it for you, it’s important that you look into search engine optimization alongside the design elements that you need in place to move forward. It’s easy to forget about these things, and leave the designer to work on the elements alone. While there are some great information architects, designers, and coders, not all of them are great at implement SEO the right way. It’s for that reason that you should look into the following 3 major ways to ensure that you’re not getting fooled into spending a lot of money on services that aren’t rendered to the standards of today’s internet world. The following 3 major ways to ensure you’re optimization strategy is implemented correctly are important to remember in these modern times.

Hire A Professional SEO Firm:

The first major tip maySEO seem obvious to some, but there are a lot of people that don’t think about this until it’s too late. Instead of hiring a web designer alone, make sure that you have a SEO firm come through and check to see that the work is done to the proper methods needed to gain traffic organically. If you do not gain organic traffic, you will not be able to make major moves online. It’s for that reason that you should definitely look into hiring someone. This will ensure that the quality of your onsite code is done right, and the offsite work is also done well, which is the whole point of paying for someone to do this for you.

Learn SEO Yourself:

Another way that you can ensure that your SEO is being done correctly is to look at getting a book and learning the optimization methods yourself. This may be a complicated task at first, and definitely not something that everyone is going to want to do, but there is enough of a draw to this idea that it’s concluded here. This is not going to be done overnight, just as search engine optimization cannot be done in one day. You’ll want to look into finding the best possible solution here, and that means that your hands have to get a little dirty. If you don’t have time for this, or you simply don’t want to have to learn just to go back through the work that is being done on your page, don’t worry, this is not a mandated solution. It is however, one of the better options you have.

Get A Full Report From A Third Party:

Hiring someone and learning on your own is a bit hard for some, as budget and time may not allow these things to work out well. For those short on time and money, hire a third party to do an evaluation of your site’s search engine optimization. Doing so will allow you to figure out what is working and what is not working. This will take time to set up and configure, but the third party will be able to give you the straight dope on whether or not your page is going to be effective in reaching the many search queries that are pushed on a daily basis.

The above methods are just 3 things that you need to consider moving forward. Do not assume that this is the complete picture of internet marketing, because it is not. As it stands, optimization is just one of many pieces that work together for the purpose of gaining traffic to any given website.  However, if you’re spending money on these services, you will want to backtrack and ensure that you’re getting a solid return on your investment.